Rosh Hashanah

Join us for traditional High Holiday Services blended with contemporary messages and insights in a warm and welcoming environment. Enjoy a Four Course Festive Meal complete with Round Challah and the Apple ‘N’ Honey.

Yom Kippur

During the High Holidays the Gates to Heaven are always open. So are ours. Join us for traditional High Holiday Services blended with contemporary messages and insights in a warm and welcoming environment.  


Sukkot is always special at Chabad with a beautiful Sukkah that hosts Holiday meals, late nite parties and more. Chabad also brings the spirit of the holiday to Rice University with the famous Pedi Sukkah Mobile that visits locations on and off campus. 

Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah at Chabad has become legendary. The holiday festivities draw alumni and students from other campuses who come to join us for this exciting and meaningful holiday. Simchat Torah celebrates a night of spirited dancing and a memorable show of Jewish pride. Simchat Torah continues at Chabad House the next day with Aliyot, a special Kiddush, the Mitzvah auction and so much more. 


Chabad sponsors a huge Menorah lighting ceremony replete with holiday treats and entertainment. Before Chanukah begins, Chabad goes into high gear with the “#ChanukahChallenge” campaign making kits with menorahs, candles and the appropriate blessings available to any Jewish student who wants them.  


Purim Rocks at Rice with a whole series of holiday themed events. 
The season kicks off with Hamantashen baking in which students not only bake treats for themselves but also make enough to deliver to seniors in area residences. The United Purim Service through Chabad allows students to send mishloach manot packages to their friends on and off campus. Chabad also runs a service through which parents can send their children gourmet Mishloach Manot packages. But that’s not all: Chabad runs multiple Megillah readings on and off campus, and hosts a Purim Feast to end all feasts. All in all, Purim at Rice is memorable. 


There are always seats at our Seders for students at Rice and surrounding universities. Chabad also provides services and holiday dinners for students hungry for holiday spirit and fare. Chabad also provides the Passover Meal Plan.

Lag Baomer

Lag B'omer celebrates the lives of Rabbis Akiva and Shimon Bar Yochai. Rabbi Akiva emphasized the importance of Jewish unity and Rabbi Shimon revealed the secrets if Kaballa. The Lag B’omer Fest is a beautiful way to say good bye for the year with a BBQ, music, games and that special feeling of Jewish community and celebration. 


Men, Women, Children, and Students celebrate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Every year G‑d reaffirms His covenant with the Jewish people and gives us His Torah once again. Join us for a live reading of the Ten Commandments, followed by a delicious dairy buffet.