Make challah, socialize with your Jewish peers, and contribute to a larger fundraising effort!

Bring along a friend! RSVP required.

Farnsworth Pavilion, RMC
Rice University

Thursday, November 2


Ethan Karlovsky
Ellie Mandelker

Jadyn Bray-Boyce
Rachel Rosenthal
Sam Forman

Sklyer Zinker

Students: RSVP by texting the word 'BAKE' to the Chabad Bot at 713-766-6086.
You will then be prompted to reply with whom you'd like to sit.

Click here to RSVP via the Bot.

(If you haven't yet set up your profile, don't stress! First, save the Chabad Bot as a contact on your phone, then message it the word 'BAKE'. Follow the prompts until you get a notification that your profile is complete. You can then RSVP with just ONE WORD for all future events!)

Faculty and staff: RSVP for the Challah Bake by completing the form below.
Each person attending must fill out their own individual form

>>> Like all programs at Chabad, this event is free of charge. This program is only made possible by donations from friends, parents, alumni and students.

If you are able and would like to help, please consider partnering with us today. 

Follow this link to participate