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  • Seders & Meal Plan

  • Need Seders? Want to keep Kosher for Passover?

    Sign up for the Kosher for Passover Meal Plan at Rice. We will provide you with fresh meals every day! Don’t live on macaroons all Passover.

    Prior reservation is requested in order to join the meal plan. Please select which meals you plan on joining.

    All of our meals are subsidized thanks to generous donors. 

  • All services and meals are always free at Chabad.

    Many have asked us about a suggested donation. As you may know, Passover meals are very expensive. If you are able and would like to help; suggested donation for students is $36 per Seder and $12 per meal. 

    The Passover Meal Plan is made possible by donations from parents, alumni and students.

    Please consider contributing to make it happen!

    Follow this link to participate

  • COOL OPPORTUNITY>>>>>>>>>> Sell your Chametz! Since it is prohibited to possess chametz on Passover, any chametz belonging to you must be sold.  It will be 'returned' the evening after Passover ends, and there is no need to do anything with it for the sale. For more info and to sell your Chametz now online in just 90 seconds, go to:

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