High Holidays

We are happy to provide a variety of options to serve the needs of our community during this unique High Holiday season:


1. In-person Services and Brisket Dinner 
Rosh Hashana eve, Friday, September 18, 7 PM. (Vegan option available).
Physically distanced in the Chabad parking lot. RSVP required by Thursday 11 AM.

2. Take-home Brisket dinner and holiday kit 
Rosh Hashana eve, Friday, September 18. (Vegan option available).
Pickup from campus or Chabad. RSVP required by Thursday 11 AM.

3.  'Short Shofar services' 
5, 5:30 & 6 PM outside Brochstein's and 6:30 PM in the Chabad parking lot.
Sunday, September 20

4. Tashlich at Aishel House Gardens
Leaving from Brochstein at 6:05 PM
Sunday, September 20

5. In-person Services at Aishel House over the course of Rosh Hashana
With masks + social distancing. RSVP is required here

6. Borrow a Machzor - Prayer Book for your dorm room
Click here or email [email protected] to reserve your Machzor



1. High Holiday Kits with selected prayers for your dorm, a how-to guide, Rabbi and Nechama's High Holiday message, and a delicious honey cake. RSVP below by Friday 11AM.

2. In-person Services at the Aishel House right off of campus. 
(With masks + social distancing. RSVP is required here)

3. Borrow a Machzor - Prayer Book for your dorm room
Click here or email [email protected] to reserve your Machzor 

 >>>  Like all programs at Chabad, the High Holiday dinner and packages are free of charge. This program is only made possible by donations from friends, parents, alumni and students.

If you are able and would like to help, please consider  partnering with us today!