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Hurricane Harvey Relief

  • Dear friends in the Rice Community,

    We hope this note finds you well and keeping dry. 

    While we are very grateful that our immediate neighborhood has been spared by the horrific flooding and damage of Harvey, it is our duty and responsibility to give a hand to those who have been less fortunate.

    Chabad at Rice is currently gathering volunteers so we can, as a group, join the relief efforts as soon as they begin. If you are interested in volunteering please sign up with this link. 

    In prayerful wishes for the safety of all,

    Rabbi Shmuli & Nechama Slonim 

    Point to ponder: The Baal Shem Tov taught: "A soul can descend into this world and live its seventy or eighty years just in order to do a favor for another." ~Hayom Yom Iyar 5

  • We need as many cars and drivers as possible. Please bring your car if you have one, so you can be assigned to a group that needs. 

    All volunteers are currently being assigned homes to help with cleaning and packing. Many volunteers are needed, please spread the word. Thank you for your assistance! 

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